Milen Slavov-SLAVMAN, Composer

SLAVMAN believes music is a universal language that uniquely communicates through energy, emotion, and intellect. He has reached a music creation philosophy underlining that creating original music is not about a particular style, but it is about delivering musical expressions with a universal touch. Slavov conveys his own musical style, creating music for multimedia - music for audio-visual production, and live entertainment. He fuses traditional and contemporary styles, acoustic and digital instruments, exotic vocals, and virtuosic and lyrical passages – all to explore the gamut of musical expressions, moods and characters reflecting human nature.

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Milen Slavov-SLAVMAN has developed a musical genre that he named Original World Music Fusion. Original World Music Fusion - a music genre that integrates traditional cultural, classical, and contemporary idioms compiled in original compositions, reflecting common human emotions and characters.

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Milen's Original World Music Fusion compositions reflect life experiences and fuse traditional Bulgarian/Balkan music motifs with elements from jazz and classical music.

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